Jacob Messina // Director & Cinematographer

Since Jacob was a child he loved telling a good story. Ask his father, who discovered his son had hijacked the camcorder to make movies with his action figures. He's had a camera in his hand ever since. After graduating from college with a degree in Digital Media, he went to work with Hello Studios, a video production company. There he had the privilege to hone his skills behind the camera as well as in the editing room. Since then, Jacob's been filming everything from weddings, commercials, documentaries, promotional videos, and more recently a narrative feature film.

It's clear by looking at his work that he pays close attention to detail in order to deliver the most polished product possible. Seeing his audiences' eyes brighten when they watch his films is what fuels his passion for cinematography. Jacob has been producing wedding films for the last decade, with a considerably   higher concentration in the past three years. His desire to produce cinematic wedding films is what inspired him to create Mesmeric Films. 

Jonah Guelzo // Sound Designer & Editor Extraordinaire

Jonah is a California-based Sound Designer, who's worked on major motion pictures, television, and high-end commercials. From working alongside Peter Berg on the sound design for HBO's Leftovers, to recording the vehicles in Fast and Furious 7, and high-end commercial short films for Lamborghini, Jonah is well versed in knowing how to make an impact on screen. Yet while he calls post-production sound his home, he's never without arms reach of the camera, having shot and edited weddings, documentaries, commercials, and short films since before he could apply for his learner's permit. 

Did we mention that Jonah grew up involved in the wedding industry? Yep. Most of Jonah's Family is in the wedding industry. Jonah has professionally catered, DJ'd, MC'd, photographed, filmed, and edited weddings for over a decade. 


Jacob and Jonah's individual skill-sets perfectly compliment each other in how they approach the production. They collectively produce and shoot, Jonah edits and mixes sound, and Jacob edits and color grades. From filming breathtaking visuals to capturing dynamic sound, they've got you covered. 

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